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The worst offensive display I have ever seen!


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I can't believe I got psyched up for this. This, by far, is the most anemic offense I've ever seen in my 28 years of watching football.

My observation.....

- We do not have the personnel to run the WCO offense. Our WR's are average, our TE is not in the top 15 in talent, and our Offensive Coordinator has failed to take pressure of the passing game by failing to run the football.

-Although our defense is talented, the mere fact that they are on the field after five consecutive "three and outs" is indicative of a tired unit partaking in poor tackling and poor positioning and spacing.

-Marty has failed in assembling a credible coaching staff. Raye cannot gameplan with the talent he has on this team. Having your 27 year old son coach a veteran QB is laughable.

-Marty has failed in motivating this team, as well as having them buy into his system.

These shortcomings are going to make for a horrid season in which the team implodes by week six or seven. The way I see it, we'll be lucky to win four games. With an offense that is conceptionally flawed and a defense who simply wears down due to it's snap count, a four win season appears to be in jeapardy.

Disgusting, simply disgusting. A punch to the stomach by a team incapable of assembling the pieces for a competitive team.

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If we dont have te personell to run it then you adapt. and this dump pass stuff s bringing back memories of B Johnson.

Even the MNF crew was saying we were in Fassel's and Tampa Bays prevent offense from last year. Take the shackles off of George at least the Mad bombing will make the defense

back off some

The times he did throw down field the ball fr some reason kep hitting the receivers in the hand that didn't have stick em.



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