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Steve, all I want to see is 3 sets per game of.....

Guest Matt Kyriacou

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

Westbrook (maybe), Gardner, Champ, Darrell, and Smoot at wideout. cool.gif

I don't care if Heath is throwing to them. It could be the easiest three scores per game in history.


Oh. By the way I am on your side if you beat Dallas 173-6 even if it pi$$es them off and makes them dislike us for a very long time.

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Guest Matt Kyriacou


Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

I had been to New Orleans before, but never for a game or big event (Mardi Gras, New Year's, etc.).

Nothing could have prepared me for all of the carnage that I witnessed.

And the game was not too bad either. cool.gif

I realized how much I have missed the opportunity to see the team in person and I am already making plans for next year's trip.

Right now the plan is to attend the Tennessee game as it is about the closest to Atlanta next season. We play at Jacksonville too, but having lived there for about years during and after my time in the Navy it does not hold as much appeal as travelling to a new city.

If we were playing in New Orleans again though.......

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