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Speaking of Stealth ...


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... anyone else struck by the thunderous silence from The Danny, ever since he brought the mountain to Marty?

Can't remember the last time I've seen a Redskins synopsis on a non-local level that didn't take the usual, sarcastic shot at the man. And yet ... not a peep.

I can easily envision the man punching out his Gund teddy bear (just kidding, ASPCA) during the first 2 ½ preseason games. And yet ... not a peep.

Makes one wonder, don't it?

Here's to maturity ... or muzzles.

Whatever works.

[edited.gif by Om on August 27, 2001.]

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As I have said before the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

Snyder has already done more before age 30 in being a success in life than any of his critics, most of whom are sports journalists that fancy themselves as shadow owners or GM's, based on their having played the game for such a long time and having owned so many successful sports businesses evil.gif

At 35, Snyder entered a new field of business and is learning how to be a success here as well. Unlike Jones, who can't admit to ever having made a mistake, Snyder is eminently more flexible and willing to adapt his methods to circumstances when they are not going his way.

So, eventually he will get the last laugh. In the NFL, brains, money and the work ethic to get the job done usually produce good results over time.

Snyder will be around the NFL long after names such as Norv Turner and Peter King are long gone and forgotten.

And once Snyder wins a Super Bowl, the same media that have been so critical will all of a sudden become the fawning dogs that they were after Steinbrenner's Yankees and Modell's Ravens got to the top of the heap in the past few years. smile.gif

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Danny 2k was neccessary.

Who didn't have enough of Norv?

Who could trust Norv to do the right thing?

His GM and personnel choices were bad because of the cap but atleast he tried bringing in a product immediately than just raking in the money like cincy and pitt have done.

I seriously doubt he will revert because he will have an understanding and faith in his guy and to believe one season to rebuild and win it all is ridiculous


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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The world hates "The Danny." No matter what he says he's railed upon and made fun of. If I were him, I'd keep a low profile, too.

Also, I believe he is smart enough to see the error of his ways over the last year+. He knows the best thing to do is to relinquish the day-to-day powers, unlike another owner of a certain NFC East team.

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