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Boston to Cowboys?


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Originally posted by GermanSkinsFan

I have read that the Cards and Cowboys will trade.

The Cowgirls will send Darnay Scott and TE M. Lucky to Arizona and become David Boston.

I hope this is a rumor.

Boston is a real Nr.1 WR an i hope we will see him in Washington.

Aside from the fact that Darnay Scott and Mike Lucky both suck, I don't think this trade is possible. Boston is a free agent at the end of the year, so any team can try and sign him. But the Cardinals will likely make Boston their franchise player, and then the situation will probably take a long time to sort itself out. Boston will undoubtedly be upset with getting the franchise label from the Cards.

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I don't know what will happen during the off-season, but I do know this: Boston was largely ineffective this year even before he got hurt.

He had a great game against us in Week 1, but after that he didn't do much at all.

Don't know why. Maybe he just had a bad year. Maybe he's unhappy in Arizona (isn't everyone?). Maybe Plummer just didn't do a good job of getting him the ball. Who knows, but players usually have good years when they're going to be a FA and he was stinkin' up the joint.

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according to rumors on this board, the Cowboys are in line to land the following in the offseason:

Bill Parcells

Norv Turner

Sam Adams

Stephen Davis

Jake Plummer

and now David Boston :)

geez, are the Cowboys the elephant that walks across the table or what? :laugh: :)

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