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If You Thought TSN Was Uncharitable To Us


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Here's an excerpt from their analysis of the Cardinals' defensive front.

"The defense is one large soft spot, especially on the front four. Starters Brad Ottis, Russell Davis, Barron Tanner and Kyle Vanden Bosch have a combined 5.5 career sacks. Ottis, Davis and Tanner have been cut by other teams. Vanden Bosch, a second-round pick this year, is the most talented of the group, but his pass-rushing skills are suspect. The club has been terrible against the run the last couple of years, and it's hard to see how that is going to change this year. Tanner and Davis, the tackles, have tenuous holds on their starting jobs and could be replaced by rookies Mario Fatafehi and Marcus Bell."

If Barron Tanner is starting, that either means the Cards will be wretched on the line or that we were some of the biggest chumps in the world when it comes to evaluating talent.

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Barron Tanner was another bum that the Redskins gave up a draft choice for, in this case to Miami.

He remained on the roster for one year and to my knowledge never played in an NFL game for the team before being released.

His name goes in there with Tito Paul, Joe Zelenka, and others we have given up draft picks for who have done little if anything to help this team win over time.

Granted, those were two #6 picks and one #7, but the Broncos got Davis at #6 and Trent Green was taken at #8.

Never give up draft choices for marginal talent.

These players if the Skins were patient enough, were about to be released by their former teams and we could have gotten them for nothing.

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