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Jones Reading Options On Romo's Contract Pitch


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I'm starting to believe the Romo sits to pee deal doesn't get done. Sounds like Jerrah doesn't want to spend the big bucks on Romo sits to pee....can't really blame him, Romo sits to pee is an average qb.

As for Ellis, talk about a horse **** answer. Sounds like Ellis is gonna get more bucks. How's that old saying go? "The squeaky wheel gets the ...."

Rob Phillips - Email

DallasCowboys.com Staff Writer

July 23, 2007 6:43 PM


IRVING, Texas - Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has used the "option quarterback" illustration when describing his business dealings over the years: Do you hand the ball to the fullback now and get a deal done quickly, or do you keep it and wait to make the pitch?

Jones finds himself working under the same circumstances with Tony Romo sits to pee's contract situation. The Cowboys' Pro Bowl quarterback is set to become a free agent at the end of the 2007 season and the organization has entered discussions with Romo sits to pee's camp about a new contract.

"We're not at the point of having a deal, but that shouldn't be viewed as any concern," Jones said Monday at the Cowboys' annual Coaches Clinic at Texas Stadium. "I don't think it's a concern on their part or a concern on our part."

That's because both sides have made clear they want the other in its long-term plans. The question has become just when that deal is struck, and for how much.

Back to Jones' analogy: Do the Cowboys commit to Romo sits to pee now based on 10 starts, or wait to see how the 2007 season unfolds? Does Romo sits to pee look to cash in now, or does he bet on himself and look for a bigger payday following an even better season?

"You've got it read, everybody has it read," Jones said. "He can make a surer deal early. He can make a big deal later. I should make a surer deal early, or later I'll have more facts. That's people legitimately trying to get together.

"There's no doubt in my mind he wants to be quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and there's no doubt in my mind that I think that he should be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Now, how to get this thing reconciled is another thing."

Jones admits he prefers to have the most background information possible when making a business decision. Romo sits to pee doesn't give him a full case file, having started just the final 10 regular-season games last year and then the Cowboys' playoff loss to Seattle. He did, however, lead the Cowboys into the postseason with a 6-4 record over those final 10 weeks and finish with the third-highest single-season quarterback rating in team history (95.1).

In Jones' eyes, that's enough to warrant a long-term commitment. There just isn't a deadline to finalize a new deal.

Jones is used to that. Many times in his life he hasn't been afraid to wait before making that proverbial pitch.

"I've strung it out all the way to the end many times in my life before I make the pitch - or before I keep it and go out," Jones said. "We all know it's safer if you've got it to hand it to the fullback and let him get 8-10 yards up through there. That's the safe shot.

"It's not a question of being able to make a decision. It's a question of how it affects what our ultimate deal is here."

And should the two sides engage in a lengthy stalemate, Jones always has the ability to protect Romo sits to pee's rights with a franchise tag, which might cost roughly $12 million guaranteed on a one-year deal.

A Misunderstanding

Greg Ellis' recent frustrations are well-documented. The Cowboys' veteran linebacker stated last month he'd like to see more of a financial commitment from the team as he recovers from last November's torn Achilles' tendon.

Jones did not comment on Ellis' contract situation Monday, but did explain a miscommunication between both sides last month when various media outlets reported he had cancelled a meeting with Ellis regarding his contract.

"I want to be real clear that when I was talking about not meeting with him that it was not about, 'Well, I've decided not to talk to him about his money,'" Jones said. "It had nothing to do with that."

Jones, who maintains an open-door policy with all of his players, said he probably will meet with Ellis sometime in the near future, though the conversation won't necessarily include his contract. Ellis is scheduled to make $2.5 million this season and has three years left on his deal.

Jones and vice president Stephen Jones, though, did speak with Ellis' representative James Williams at the team's second mini-camp session at Valley Ranch. Williams said his brief discussion with each was profitable and that everything would work out in the end.

Jones said he speaks with Ellis annually about a variety of football topics not related to contract issues, and said both parties remain on good terms.

Ellis, who moved to outside linebacker last year, has watched the Cowboys spend a first-round pick on an outside linebacker in each of the last three years. But Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips has tabbed Ellis as his starter barring a setback in his rehab, and all signs point to the 31-year-old being ready at the start of camp on Wednesday.

"I think he's ready to play," Jones said. "He's healthy, which is a plus for the Cowboys, which is a plus for all of us. The issue of the contract would be separate from what I'm talking about right here. Those aren't one in the same."

Grinding On Contracts

The Cowboys began setting up operation in San Antonio Monday, but with the first training camp practice scheduled for Wednesday they had agreed to terms with only two of their eight draft choices by Monday evening.

That being with sixth-round pick Deon Anderson, who is expected to challenge for not only a roster spot, but possibly a starting job at fullback, and also seventh-round pick Alan Ball, the cornerback who had impressed the coaching staff during the off-season workouts.

So the club has a lot of work to accomplish in a short period of time if all eight draft choices are to be signed and ready to participate in Wednesday's 2:30 p.m. practice at the Alamodome.

When asked prior to coming to a late agreement with Ball on Monday night if he thought all the draft picks would be signed in time for that first practice, Jerry Jones said, "Yes I do. And of course they've got a lot to say about it. We don't have but the one signed today. But I'm not seeing and getting a read from talking with Stephen, who's directly talking with the agents. I'm not seeing undo concern."

There is a possibility that three of the picks - fourth-round Isaiah Stanback, sixth-rounder Nick Folk and seventh-rounder Courtney Brown - might not get signed in time. All three are with the same representation group, which seems to be trying to play hard ball without much leverage.

--Mickey Spagnola

Special Presentation

Jones reached the pinnacle of NFL success with three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s. But the Cowboys owner says presenting Michael Irvin, one of the key cogs in that dynasty, at next month's Hall of Fame induction ceremony also will rank at the top.

"I have such respect for what Michael is and what he has been, what he's meant to his teammates, what he's meant to his friends," Jones said. "And so I really have a big responsibility here in a short period of time to say some things that reflect what I know to be the case and the feelings of a lot of other people."

Jones recalled when Irvin, the Cowboys' all-time leading receiver, brought his wife Sandi with him to ask Jones if he would indeed present him in Canton, Ohio.

"It made it a big moment and I could tell it was a big moment for them," Jones said. "I know there are a lot of people that could have done a better job than I'm probably going to do in presenting him, but he couldn't have gotten anybody that thinks any more of him than I think of him."

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Will Dallas sign Romo sits to pee or won't they. If so.. when and for how much? The saga continues. Thanks for the update tr1

Frankly, and I'm sure you'll agree with me, it sounds like Jerry is not as confident as he was.

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