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  1. I think what he was saying is that some of us find it odd that an Eagles fan says **** the Cowboys and **** their fans primarily because of the number of threads and attention we receive by way of constant threads started by skins fans (mostly two) on a skins board?
  2. I'm absolutely speechless. I honestly don't know how to respond to this. I seriously don't know what I ever did to you man. I gave you an honest response to your rant without insulting you one bit. You can ignore the truth all you want. You want to be an internet thug? I'm not impressed. Relax man. It's just football. Message boards are supposed to be fun.
  3. Who Del, don't be upset with the Cowboys and their fans. Seriously, think about it. The Cowboys make this forum move. That's not bragging, it's just an observation. More Boys fans frequent this site than any other team and skins fans love to hate us moreso than any other team in the league. This will not change. I understand this is a cry out for attention for you and your team but some things will never change especially if Philly continues it's SB drought and that was not a shot. Bottom line is not that many people care about the eagles. Most of the Boys threads created on this site
  4. Tr1, see any "bulges" you like? :laugh:
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