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what is 139 row 3 worth?


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Hey I was just curious for all you looking through the classifieds how much you think is a fair price on the entire season section 139 row 3. I just purchased them for the 2007 season and am pretty psyched out of my mind right now, but i just want to know what some of you think would be a fair deal for 2 tickets in 139 row 3. :dallasuck

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Its acually 2,190 for TWO seats... 109.50 for each seat in any 100 sections per game (face value) x10 games

My tickets in sect. 106 are $99.00 each plus 10% tax which comes to $108.90 each X 10 games X 2 seats = $2178.00, if you add the $10.00 fedex fee and $4.00 handling fee they will come to $2192.00

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