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Frontloaded 2008 Primaries- the possible effects/ How would you fix it for 2012?


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Even that list in the link I provided is current.

Can't keep track of all the dates, as it seems everyone wants to have their primary on Feb. 5th or earlier. It keeps changing daily it seems. I wouldn't be surprise to see the primary season start in December 2007- just 5 months from now.


We already know the obvious effect is that candidates have to raise millions to realistically compete. That's why those minor candidates or fading candidates(McCain) have no shot. They need money and the money won't be going to them.

I see things playing out 2 ways:

One - the nominee just wins everything on Super Tuesday: Feb. 5th. The other candidates are done after that, if not earlier.

Two- the race gets split among the 2-3 viable candidates. Meaning we have a race all thru the primary and possible not being settled until the conventions. I would love that.


Either way, I think everyone agrees this system just isn't workable.

How would you fix the system?

My solution:

Have regional primaries spread out over 5 months and the regions would be rotates every election.

January 2012: The New England states every Tuesday

February 2012: The Midwest states every Tuesday

March 2012: The Southern states every Tuesday

April 2012: The Southwestern/ half of Rocky Mountain states every Tuesday

May 2012: The Pacific Coast/ other half or Rocky Mountain States every Tuesday

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