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ESPN Sports Nation: 7-12 Redskin Tidbits- KC Joyner


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Craig (Orlando): How did Jason Campbell's metrics look for the games he started last year. And did they get any better towards the end? I am looking for some hope.....

SportsNation KC Joyner: Campbell's metrics weren't that good but there could be a silver lining. He did better against aggressive defenses and when the Skins let him be aggressive. He's not a safety first kind of QB and doesn't play very well in that kind of system. They should let him cut it loose.

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JC's target values are bound to be much higher than his current threshold (hope hope). These things take time. JC should have a full grasp of the Al Saunders offense by the end of this season setting the stage for a strong playoff run next year. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel here in Redskins land. However this year will be a time to kickback watch JC execute and track his performance indicators.

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