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Bring in the vet to train the rookie

Guest fuji869

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Guest fuji869

Even if the Redskins bring in a Veteran QB in 2002 his job might just be to help train a rookie. I see Spurrier taking a rookie QB in this draft to groom and bring along to be the eventual starter. Could that hurt the chances of us getting a big named QB like Drew Bledsoe, to be honest I think Drew wants to go to a team where he will be the starter for the next few seasons and not just to play a season or two until the young guy the coach choose is ready to start.

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there are legitimate questions about Bledsoe's long term viability with the injuries he has suffered.

if a Mark Brunell becomes available in the offseason I would much rather trade a part of our future for a healthier player that is able to be a dual threat with the pass and the run.

it puts less pressure on the offensive line and keeps the quarterback healthier, unless like McNabb he put his head down and tries to take on linebackers smile.gif

Bledsoe has a strong arm, but he is one of the slowest quarterbacks in terms of his set up I have ever seen. Not only does he take a lot of sacks, but he also throws a lot of interceptions in the red zone. frown.gif

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Eff named players especially Bledsore.

The guy is going to be gunshy when he loss blood and had a collasped lung.

We criticized Dan for wasting money on named players and for some stupid reason we want to hitch our hopes on an expensive immobile QB who couldnt beat out a midround rookie?

I'm hoping that Leftwich falls to us personally size arm strength and mobility as well as a local product.


This isn't love, it's an


Redskins football

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