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Skins-Panthers Pics (plus the greatest sign at fedex)


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I figured this would be a good 1000th post :D

My friends and I were so pumped for this game...

We are from NC and we hate the Panthers like the Maryland folks hate the Ravens! This is the game of the year for us! So we made this sign.

Cool story: the leg warmers I'm wearing... at LEAST 100 people said something to me about them at the game and a girl offered me $60 for them and she said she'd show me her boobs. I told her they were priceless. It was a tough call! Left to right: me, matt, parker, mike.


my friends... we were pumped even though it was the middle of the boring 1st quarter!


Me (left), my friend Mike (right)




HAIL! :logo:

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Forgot this picture. Coach kinda stood by himself a lot this week. They noticed the same thing and mentioned it on the Post-game show. Doesn't bother me... makes for a better picture :D


God...I wonder what goes on in that man's head somedays! He's gotta regret coming back sometimes! Wicked pics...looks like you guys had a blast!

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I'd have bargained with the girl if she was decent looking on the leg warmers. 60 dollars and a 10 second fondle. :D

thats what everyone is tellin me. hindsight's 20/20...

the leg warmers seriously have sentimental value. im in love with all of the redskins stuff my dad handed down to me. maybe i could fondle before the exchange! :laugh:

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