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Snyder Impatient?...... Look In The Mirror!


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We point a lot of fingers around here. A lot of fingers! I read thread after thread about how the Redskins Organization is impatient. About how the Front Office is constantly in a "Win Now To Hell With The Future" mindset. I read a lot of evidence supporting that theory and happen to agree with quite a bit of it. The Free Agent Spending, The Free Wheeling Trading of Valuable Draft Picks, .......etc. I think it's a serious problem. Continuity MUST be something this organization cherishes from here on out. It's imperative.

Then I read the posts of others. The posts of "Fire Gibbs." "Get rid of 'Em All" "Time to Start Over" "Fire Saunders" "Gregg Williams has Lost It"............etc. I hate these posts. You know why?? You're all total HYPOCRITES!! You want the organization to maintain continuity and patience and rip them when they don't do it. But, then you want a wholesale house cleaning or a minor one to some portion of the team. All of you posters who are guilty of this need to start practicing and demanding what you preach.

Keep Saunders and lets develop this offense in to what it can be and has been proven to do.

Keep Williams and let him fix this problem with the defense. The guy is a GREAT D-Coordinator.

Let Joe Gibbs see this thing through. He's a hell of a lot smarter than any one of us when it comes to being a Head Coach.

Lets keep the entire offense together and let them grow together. No more re-tooling!! We've got the talent on the offensive side of the ball!!

Lets fix only the parts of the defense that NEED fixing when it comes to personnel and lets keep the guys who we know can get the job done despite some of them having a down year.

No more wholesale changes in the offseason!! No more big name free agents!!! Draft, draft, draft with the few picks we have this year and put a priority on keeping the picks intact for 2008. Continuity can not be achieved any other way.

Practice what you preach and stop being hypocrites.

Continuity starts with patience.

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