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LOL What if Coach Gibbs changes his mind today and goes back to Brunell?


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This first responce is though . i busted out laughing :laugh:

:laugh: Same here. Like "What you talking about Willis?"

:silly: The 3rd one too...

Demand a full scale investigation to find out what it is that Brunell has on Gibbs to win his undying loyalty?


One of the radio guys was saying that Gibbs didn't guarantee

Campbell all seven remaining games...

Radio guys :doh:

We know Gibbs won't pull JC if we lose to Tampa. So if we lose to the Panthers also... we're 3-8. Playoffs?... OFFICIALLY NADA!

So then, what is the purpose or goal of putting in MB? To be our starter next year and go thru this all over again? MB will get us to 8-8? I truly doubt that. Maybe 6-10? We've already done that ('04). Not comparing (so give me some slack), but Joe Montana... 1979... 49ers... 2-14.

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as frightening as this proposition sounds, did anyone else get irked when they read this:

"We don't know what'll happen there," Gibbs said of Brunell's future.

"If he sits back there in that second spot and gets a breath of fresh

air and gets rested, I don't know what'll happen in the future."

sounds eerily familiar to what happened when brunell was pulled for ramsey a couple years ago

You know what, when I read that same thing I thought OH HELL here we go again! Gibbs is making some damn excuses to put Brunell back in (eventually). For some strange reason, his mind is ONLY on Brunell. He thinks that's the QB of the future. Gibbs needs some serious HELP!!! MI only hope that I'm misreading this BUT my gut tells me something else.

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I think that if Campbell does well down the stretch, playoffs or not, he will be the starter for next season. Brunell will probably stay on at least one more season. Brunell is getting old, yes, and it shows, but at least we'd have a reliable veteran QB to step in should anything happen to JC. Collins will be traded in the offseason.

Just my :2cents:

Pretty much sums it up.

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