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Al Saunders is pimping Synder

Cyber Pimp

Most important QB quality?  

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  1. 1. Most important QB quality?

    • Yellow hairs
    • Little or no history of retardation in family
    • 3 to 4 year of plow experience
    • Good at catch gypsy

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Doesn't it usually take about 2 years to learn Al's offense? So Brunell really hasn't learned Al's system. Hope Campbell understand's it.

For whatever it's worth... Last night, Brandon Lloyd said that Jason Campbell knows the entire playbook (all of the 5,000+ plays) of Al Saunders. In addition, he said that JC can make all of the throws and can wing it deep.

I look for Brandon Lloyd to become JC's favorite target. They have been practicing together, after paractice.


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I truely think that Sauders bad play calling is intentional. Think about it. If he gets fired Synder still has to pay him. He can go get another job and still collect a few million from Danny boy. Shottenhiemer pimped him and so did Dieon Sanders. Wouldnt you love to get a new job and still get paid from both your old one and the new one.

Your not this stupid are you?.....Besides Deion retired which means Snyder owed him no more money.

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