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Alright skin fans, its about time I wrote up a bit about why I feel the way I feel. The skins offense through the last few games has looked flat. With the anomaly of the Jags and Texans win, our offense has seemed out of sync. Timing seems off, and we aren't getting enough ball time around the play makers. Now for those of you that still believe Mark Brunnel should start consider this. What is the definition of Insanity? The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things, while expecting different results. It seems abundantly clear to me that Brunnel is not ready to run this offense, the whole team on offense has taken on the personality of Mark Brunnel, weary, and frustrated.

So what do you do? You could still start Brunnel and pray that the law of averages helep you out, but wait the bulk of the teams on our remaining schedule have winning records, some of them against good teams. Things aren't looking promising for a winning season let alone a play off run. So what do we do? Do we continue to stick the same old spark plug in there to run things or do we change it up with a new spark plug to try and get things rolling.

Fellow fans, It is time to stand up, pull up your pants and tighten those laces. We are Washington Redskins fans, we aren't philadelphia whingles, or Dallas cowbrats, no we are Redskins Fans. We have one of the most storied franchises in the history of the league. The time has come to stand up tall and be counted, we must seize the initiative and fight for the duration of the season. Old Skinfan and New Skinfan pride demands our continued support of this team. Its time to stand up in those bleachers and chear for our team. What has already past is over and done with. Put those blunders, mistakes, sweat, pain, blood, and tears away. Tomorrow is another day, and its time to stand tall and Hail the Redskins. Through thick or thin we shall not stoop to the lows of fans in other venues, no sir, we shall stick by their sides and will a winning season through the will of the fans, the strength of our coach, and the legs of Clinton Porits.

Beat the Cowbrats!

Hail to the Redskins!

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