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Things I would like to see against NY

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1) No time outs everytime you see a blitz in the 1st Quarter Tony

2) Run at least one End around Gardner or Bates and one other Gadget Play(FLe flicker,hback option, Etc;

3) Lavar tackle Tiki every play,(kEY ON HIM

4) Pass to set up the Run, because their is no way we will be able to push their front and esablish Stephen. Screens, misdirections,

Long Passes need to be ran alot.

5) Absolutely. NO TURNOVERS

6) No Passes less than 5 yards unless its a screen,

7) Collins will force the ball with alot of pressure Need some picks

8) double triple quadruple Mike Strahan don't let that man dictate out offensive stategy

9)Need at least two designed running plays for Banks, No theisman slide or running out of bounce we are 1-5 Hence Dante Culpeper

10) we need 100% fan participation to motivate this team

11) Absoultely No missed tackles Hit Dayne Low at the Line Of scrimmage, Everyone hits him to high ask the Eagles

Do all of this and we may keep it close and pull it out with A FG, but if we get behind early The G men will just run out the clock

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Agreed on most points:

2. A definate...by my count we have run one end-around all season...frankly, I enjoy trick plays and I want to see more.

3. I think we have to play within a scheme, but LaVar should definately be focusing on Barber most of the time...he is much more of a concern to me than Dayne.

4. Agree that we need to throw downfield and also use some screens to offset the NY pass rush.

7. Agree...blitz Collins and we should have some chances to get some interceptions, expecially with guys like Green and Bailey who close very quickly on the ball.

8. Strahan is playing out of his body so far this season, but Jon Jansen plays him better than anyone in the league. He will make some plays, but Jansen will do a good job on him.

10. Agreed! This was a HUGE part of the win yesterday. After the LaVar TD, the crowd got very loud! Carolina had the ball twice after that, and went three-and-out both times, with a total of 3 false starts in 6 offensive plays. And this was with the place half empty! With this being a division game and a 4:00 kickoff, I would expect the crowd to be pretty pumped up, considering that we are still a 1-5 team.

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If we beat the Giants, this could really turn this team around from hoping to finish .500 to start looking at this weak division and finish on top. We haven't played the Eagles yet and this game is winnable. Baltimore won with their D last year when nobody believed they could. Why can't we do the same? Maybe Jimmy Raye will open up the playbook a little more. Hopefully we'll see more perfomances like our fourth qtr against the Panthers.

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Yikes!!! After our putrid start, even finishing .500 would be cause to throw Schotty a parade downtown! Lets not get carried away with a win that, although happy to have it, mainly occurred to the other team's incompetence. I'll be happy with, as you alluded to, a better offensive effort, with sustained drives that alone should help to keep us in ballgames. But your point about the weakness of the division, and for that matter the league in general, is well taken. Now Giants and Eagles fans know how Skins and Cowboy fans felt last week watching!!

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