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I had the most inspiring dream last night


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I had a dream that I was there for the pre game speech (for today's game). It was given by Renaldo Wynn and he basicly said what we as fans would want him to say. He said that its not about getting paychecks, its about going out and kicking the other guys *** playing with heart and being physical. I think he said something about how no one believes we can do it and its up to us to shock the world today. I dont think I've ever been so emotional INSIDE a dream. I swear man, when I woke up I wanted to kick somebody's ass I was so jacked up. Anyway, I guess you can tell, Im ready and I'm feeling good about a win today.

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Wow, interesting dream. I had one as well last night, except it took place at the Nov 5 game against the Cowboys...and I'm talking to Mark Brunell as he is coming out of the tunnel (know its a dream cause I sure as hell dont have dream seats lol). I say something to him like "this defense is good but you know how to shred them, they aren't that much better then the defense you shredded last year"....don't remember the rest of the dream.

Obviously since Brunell is the starting QB in my dream, it means we will WIN TODAY AGAINST THE COLTS! I don't see Brunell lasting past this week if we lose.

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