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"What the Hell Is Wrong With The Redskins"


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What the Hell Is Wrong With The Redskins Part 3: Defensive Linemen

Posted Oct 20th 2006 4:20PM by Jack Kogod

Filed under: Redskins, NFC East, NFL Injuries, Overpaid NFL Players

Injuries. Injuries. Injuries. Nobody expected this defensive line to be an overwhelming strength. Coming in to the season the starters looked solid enough to hold their own, the primary concern was their depth. These concerns were realized in the worst way possible when starting tackles Joe Salave'a and Cornelius Griffin went down with injuries.

Losing the all the interior of your line is always ominous, especially when they're the only two standouts you've got. A defense that struggles to pressure the quarterback desperately needs a couple of space eaters in the middle of the line. Without the two big guys the opposition has been able to key in on Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, and Reynaldo Wynn. None of the three pass rushers has shown that they're up to the challenge.

Because of their lack of depth Washington was forced to insert rookie tackles Kedrick Golston and Anthony Montgomery into the regular rotation. Coming in to the season neither one was expected to make much of an impact, fortunately they haven't been quite as bad as some might expect. While they've been able to put a bit of pressure on the pocket they just don't command the same attention from the blockers.

see here for more:http://redskins.aolsportsblog.com/

Find the article a bit too harsh but, I do agree on the statement about Marcus Washington, who can't be all over the field. I would also like to see what Rocky is really up to. What beats me is that we've been chasing, and trading for, very talented gifted college players (JC and Rocky) and we almost don't let them play. One gets some action on special teams the other one "warms" the bench.

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