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Redskins Losing the War?...


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Military soldiers get payed to defend. Sometimes they fight, and sometimes they come home never having fired a weapon. Whether they have experienced live combat or not is irrelevant. They are told to do a job and for the most part, they all do it.

One thing that angers me in the world of football is a soft player. These are guys who look obviously frightened to be out on the playing field. Why not play golf? The only injuries to be concerned with in golf are getting struck by lightning, being hit in the head with a golf ball, or running over your own ankle with the cart. It seems like the odds of staying healthy are pretty much in the golfer's favor versus the football player's. ;)

I'm not going to name the players that I think are soft on this team. One of them is glaringly/obviously frightened on the field. I feel like he :anon: and others on this team are like that soldier that we all feel sorry for in the movies. Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Jarhead are some of the movies that come to mind. Remember the guy that is kinda' nerdy, wears big glasses, can't assemble his gun fast enough, and is afraid to shoot his weapon? That's what we have. We've got a guy that's afraid of getting hit, can't keep his weapon assembled, and guys like me feel sorry for him. Many want him to be sent back home (benched), and I guess that's a different but fair point of view. I just wish he would go into the shower room and pull the proverbial trigger on his career or decide to grow some balls and start showing everybody that he can pull the trigger on the field of battle. I happen to believe in our players, but I'm not sure that there are enough of those frightened/timid guys at least laying down cover fire for those who are aggressively trying to win this battle from week to week. Sadly, I think the war is a lost cause. We've got too many reserves and not enough core men. Czabe talks about the Macro vs. the Micro, and thats all well and good. I believe that there are too many of our soldiers who are wounded, afraid of being wounded, or just plain new to this company. We will win some battles, but I don't know that we're going to win the war. Meanwhile in Happy Land, If there is one General that can lead us to victory its Joe Gibbs. Keep the faith, but keep everything in perspective. Just remember, no matter if the soldiers win or lose, they still get a paycheck on the 1st and the 15th :doh:


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