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It's 1998-2002 all over again...we can't beat division opponents


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Hey guys,

I'm usually never one to give up on this team, or contribute to the negativity that sometimes runs rampant on this board.

With that being said, I am going to bring up a discouraging point that probably doesn't contribute to the mood around here today.

We can forget about the fact that we seemingly are very weak in the defensive backfield.

We can forget the fact that we repeatedly didn't touch Tiki Barber until he was 6 or 7 yards into many of his runs today.

We can forget the fact that we failed to put any sort of pressure on Eli Manning today.

We can forget the fact that we are having some big difficulties in stopping teams thus far this season on third downs.

Above all this, what is alarming is the fact that we've laid down and played dead in our first two division games. Thus far this year, we've managed to accumulate one more division loss than we had all last season. Moreover, nobody can guarentee that we'll go out and rip off 4 straight in the NFC East with an improved Eagles team on deck twice, as well as the Cowboys and Giants again.

In my opinion, the 5-1 division record was a major contributing factor to us getting in the playoffs a year ago. Division play is huge in today's NFL with only two wildcard births available.

Like it or not, while it's only 5 games into the season, we have a major uphill climb towards winning this division.

At the same time, while the playoffs are certainly not out of the question, we are sure doing a heck of a good job of making this really hard on ourselves by starting out 0-3 in the NFC.

We need to wake up really quick.

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I agree there did not seem to be any fire in the skins today. But I wouldn't count them out yet. Defense gave up a ton of yards but 1 td. Offense could not get going

because Brunell had no time to throw downfield. NFC east is probably the toughest division in football. We need someone from defense line to step up. Cannot continue to have db's making tackles after 4,5,6 yard gains.

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Guest sith lord
This team will lose all of its divisional games this year. They're playing with no fire, no passion. They look exactly like the team that lost 10 straight to the Crackboys. This team is done, as is Joe Gibbs.


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