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hardest redskins.com poll ever


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481 yards is up there on the offense, and the sacks and rushing yds allowed by the d, but there is another relevant stat that gives both d and o due credit.

The time difference between what our qb has and thiers.

Both the d line and the o line have obviously been working hard. While brunell improves his progressions, although his completion % slid a bit this week and he needs to keep improving that via practicing the progressions etc. It was still good and he went long, and they need to keep it up. They have only begun to get where they can go. The coaches are obviously working hard with them, and the d line is starting to take on some charaacteristics that remind me a bit of the mann/manley days. How to say it nicely, gahonnes appear to be growing. Keep up the good work, light your sorry azzes on fire! I would like to see a little bit harder hitting on the sacks tho, legal but brutal. We have yet to make an enemy replace their qb. That needs to happen next week.

See sacks total for a clearer picture of that. Leftwich only did well when he had time. Stoppping that last drive of theirs short of a td was a major key to the win. However, stopping it 40 yds earlier would have been better and far less stressful!

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How about scoring 36 pts. against one of the best defenses in the league? Even the Colts only scored 21 against them.

I was reading one of the power polls a couple days ago, and they said it'd be nearly impossible for the Skins to put up 31 pts. against Jax. Shows how much these "experts" know.


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Personally, I am more liking the score being larger than our opponents, but from your list:

"Time of possession: 36:32"

The reason I like this one best is because it implies our Offense has shown up, and that they are running the ball well.

That's good news for any football team, and will only make things easier for the rest of the team and get the fan-base stoked.



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