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Emmitt Smith Is Frustrated


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Saturday, October 12


Smith, Swinton get into fight at practice


Associated Press

DALLAS -- Overrated Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith and second-year bust Reggie Swinton got into a fight during a huddle at practice on Friday.

Several players said Smith was upset at the mental mistakes taking place during practice and confronted Swinton with a hand-slap to his helmet, the team said on its Web site. Swinton then shoved back, and the two players were soon trading little punches like the girls that they are.

Unfortunately for the Payton family, neither player was injured. "Head coach" Dave Campo briefly called the team together after the exchange and practice resumed without incident -- or completion of one pass.

Neither Smith nor Swinton commented on the fight after practice. Calls to the team by The Associated Press were not immediately returned.

After Friday's practice, offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet called an offense-only meeting. He said he called the meeting to "get on the same page'' and collectively rue the day they didn't draft rookie sensation Patrick Ramsey.

Tragically, Smith needs only 234 yards to break Walter Payton's all-time rushing record of 16,726 yards.

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Emmitt is probably pissed for a couple of reasons. One, mental offensive mistakes cut down on his pursuit of the record. Two, it must be really frustrating KNOWING you are in essence, a second string back now and bringing down the team almost every time you touch the ball with your 2. whatever average, and that you are being coddled by being put in the game just to get the record. Let's face it, if he wasn't going for the record, he would be on the bench.

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There aren't many Cowboys I'd say this about, but I feel for the guy. He's gone, during his career, from playing for one of the more dominant teams in NFL history to playing on a team and in an organization that is very dysfunctional. This isn't unlike my thoughts about Darrell Green during 1998 when he was crying from embarassment after the Minny game started us 0-7, and even last year under Marty, when he was made a backup on the day he declared his retirement.

Now, Emmitt doesn't even carry enough respect on that roster to avoid getting into a stupid fight with a no-name 2nd year WR.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

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