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Despite My Prediction, Redskins HAVE To Win This Game.........


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I picked the Panthers to win 21-10, but realistically this is the Redskins best chance to stem the tide and stop the bleeding until Dallas comes back to town.

For only the second time this year, the Redskins are facing a team without a veteran starting quarterback and a solid ground attack.

That indicates that unless they turn the ball over the score should be close and the team should be in the game until the end.

The Panthers on defense have allowed some rushing yards so Davis looks to be the key once again. Davis needs to perform like the franchise player he is being paid to be, like Emmitt did last week. And that doesn't include fumbling the game away at the end.

You really want to pick the Redskins to win this game, especially when you just look at the quality of the Panthers roster.

The trouble is Dallas had a roster of players that was just as unimpressive outside of Smith.

The quarterback in the NFL has a unique ability to point their teams to victory or defeat. Protecting the ball, managing the clock, making good decisions in distributing the ball, getting teammates involved.

If only Tony Banks had approximated an NFL passer in any of his 3 starts the Redskins would be the pregame pick. Substitute in Trent Dilfer and the Redskins would probably be the favorites to win.

But, Banks remains the qb and Marty remains tied to the ship's wheel steering the team towards some dangerous coastline.

Will they skirt disaster this time?


But you just can't bet on it.

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is it just me or has Marty Schottenheimer been the most aloof and mirthless coach this team has had in decades?

you never see a sense of humor or any kind of human interaction with fans and the community. It has been like that from the start, even when he should have been on his honeymoon back in February.

so far his foray into making connections with the community has been limited to a lame radio commercial for American Service Center's Mercedes Benz operation.

just goes to show what Marty is here for, the dollars.

Remember Allen's support for fitness programs for youth? Remember Joe Gibbs support of adult learning centers and of Darrell Green's foundation?

Marty Schottenheimer has come in and made few if any friends on the team, in the media, among the fans..............

so it is little wonder that when the times get tough he has literally no allies that are out front and center in support of him.

I really am at a loss to explain his behavior since coming to town.

You would think a guy who has been an NFL head coach for 15 years would be more sensitive to the circumstances of coming into a new job and building a base.

Those wins in Cleveland and Kansas City standing on their own won't help him do that in DC.

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The guy has a lot on his mind bulldog, so i think i'll excuse him for not taking the time to support charity foundations. I don't think any of us can question marty's work ethic. The money he's getting from snyder is nice but he could make a lot with much less work in the booth. The guy works harder than any of us, so i think we should lay off the cheap shots that he's just in it for the dollars.

That came across a little meaner than i meant it to be, but i just don't think it's fair. HE may make mistakes, he may be incompitant and perhaps a little incontinent, but he's not bruce smith, westy, or deion.


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Marty took a lesson from the Deion school of shystering.

Do you realize that Marty gets a fat $2 million dollar bonus if he gets sh!t-canned before the end of the 2003 season? That on top of the $10 million that's already guaranteed! Imagine that. Getting a bonus for doing something bad. While Westbrook sits idly by (on the field, no doubt) and witnesses his incentive-laden contract worth the same as the paper it's printed on, Marty can rest assured knowing that the more incompetent he is, the richer he gets. It's gonna be a mighty fine Christmas at the Sh!t-'n-Shiner household, especially since his talentless brethren are also on the payroll. And we wonder why the players don't and won't respond to his tired and trite exhortations: "All I care about is teaching and winning." Uhh, you forgot about counting your sacks of dough, knucklehead.

And we thought we were getting shafted for paying $8 million for that zoot-suit wearing idiot. At least he helped us to <u>one</u> victory.

Oh, about the game...Weinke plays, Wesley Walls goes bonkers, Biakabatuka has a rapproachment with Siefert after having the game of his life, crowded boos lustily -- in other words, SOS (same old Shottenheimer).

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well, this one's about to get underway.

I will just say DB that Marty was never going to make this kind of money in the broadcast booth.

Second, I don't believe Marty works harder than any of us do at our jobs, that's a generalization too broad and sweeping for me.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that Marty works the kinds of hours you see Jon Gruden or Andy Reid put in.

Maybe at 57 his experience allows him to cut some corners some younger coaches can't in terms of using his time more effectively, but there has been little evidence of that so far in terms of how the team has performed on the field.

Let's hope today is a little different.

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