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7. Ensure the topic you wish to initiate a thread about hasn’t already been posted.

If you are reporting Redskins "news" or "rumors" more than a few hours old, please use the Search Feature or scan the first two pages of the forum before posting, to ensure the news hasn't already been posted and the topic discussed. Multiple topics will be closed or merged. This is a very large and active community, with sweeping media coverage and up-to-the-minute updates. More than likely, if the news is older than a few hours, the information has already posted and is subject of active debate. If you wish to discuss that topic, you are encouraged to do so in the existing thread.

8. Please use descriptive and accurate subject titles for your posts.

Adherence to this rule assists visitors in utilizing discretion when selecting content to read. It also serves to notify members if a particular topic has already been posted and discussed, and potentially prevents multiple threads being started on the same topic.

Be respectful of the fact that some people come to ExtremeSkins explicitly for latest Redskins news and content, provided without the editorializing of titles by members.

9. False posts or misleading subject titles are prohibited. Deception at the expense of the audience devalues the medium and the content it provides. Violation of this rule is regarded as a serious offense.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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