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Prediction: If Gibbs Had Never Retired


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I think Gibbs retired at the right time the first time around. It looked like we were heading for some rough times (as Lombardi's kid brother alluded to) in the mid-90's. I would like to think we would have made better choices, both draft-wise and free agent-wise, with his input and might have been in position to win something in the late '90's. Hell, if Turner could get the '99 team into the playoffs...imagine how far Gibbs could have taken them :)

I think the thing that served him well with the time away (and is serving us well now) is he learned how to run a championship NASCAR operation from the top down. There was always a knock on Gibbs that he needed a strong GM on his side - he is proving that theory to be incorrect now - but I think that time away certainly helped him take it to that next level.

...one thing for sure...we certainly wouldn't have been the laughing stock we were under Turner.

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