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Get me in the stadium September 11th! Nevermind...I'm in!


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I am bidding on a couple auctions on e-bay right now to get reasonable priced tickets to the opener. I'm not going crazy so I doubt I'll win any of them. Face value is what I'm looking for...upper, lower, club...whatever.

I am a serious buyer. Flying in from Phoenix. Don't need a parking pass.

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i guarantee alot, i paid $225 per ticket last year in section 102 row 12 for the seahawk game, so i know it cost him a pretty penny

I wish I could have gotten that deal...but it IS the season opener on MNF and all.

Supplies are limited if you are only buying 1 tickets. I really wanted to get section 111 and 10 rows up but there were no singles...and the doubles were around $200 each.

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