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..on yet another fascinating off-season we bid adieu to the hopelessly dragging limbo that separates last years thrills from this seasons hopes. We've had so much to occupy our time here in football purgatory, from endless rehashings of political squabbles to in-depth analyses of member's religious beliefs, we've commiserated on the spiraling price of gasoline and traded tales of the atrocious weather. We watched with bated breath to see who might be next to throw themselves in front of the Russian Roulette thread and scream "ME! Here I am! Me Me ME!!!". We were treated to the 1,001 faces of Extreme, touched by DocSandy's memories and made proud by Major's travel abroad to touch the lives of people in Guatemala with his compassion. We got to explore the dark recesses of Mickalino's musings on Elvis' sexual orientation, restaurant roaches, witches, glaciers, moving to California, vacationing in DC, his HS reunion, Nyquil, waking up spitting blood and of course- squirrels. We got to check out pics of PCS's starter castle, the Beach Blitz, Hershey Park and some very cute kids. Every single day we signed on hoping and praying that there would be SOME Skins related news, and a few days there actually was. We got to writhe in joy when minicamp was covered so well, and we've just about beaten the whole overpaid FA's thing to death. It's time.

Time to say sayonara Tailgate -it's been fun and we'll stop by now and then to see who is the fool du jour- but finally, even though it sometimes felt as if it might never arrive, it is time. Time for camp, time for the first flicker of the season gearing up the way that the first chill day in October reminds you that there WILL be a winter, time to drag myself away from kitten cannons and throwing paper into wastebaskets, time to stop arguing and reunite, shoulder to shoulder draped in burgundy and gold and ready to Hail Our Redskins yet again.

Folks? C'mon, the Stadium is this way ~~~~~>

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