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Ride-Able Robots Are Here


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...and I don't mean this female android.

Ride-Able Robots Are Here

July 13, 2006

By Alice Hill


I am a vehicle junkie (scooters, ultralights, flying cars - anything that doesn’t say sedan) and I have to say I am not really into robots, but this one definitely caught my eye. The first ride-able robot from a Korean company called Robo3.


The site is in Korean, but not only can you find the ultra cool ride-able robot shown here, there are also some other models shaped as dinosaurs and other animal creatures, and yes, even a girl robot (no comment). You can also order many of them, although I cannot figure out what currency they are being sold in - the site says 5,000 something for the ride-able number, but if you convert it from a Korean currency, it’s something like $60, so maybe they mean dollars. Anyone read Korean? Source: Robo3.com via The Raw Feed

Click on the link for the full article

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