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NFL.com is featuring a column ( "Greatest Game Changers" ) highlighting the top 12 individuals who've changed the way the game is played.


Some on this list are indisputable.. Deon Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, George Allen

But some on there are extremely questionable to me...

1. Brian Urlacker ( Linebackers were dropping into deep zones and switching from safety to LB way before he came along ie: monte Coleman)

2. Tony Gonzalez ( um...Kellen Winslow Sr. Been there, seen that)

3. Dick LeBau ( Worthy of being on the list, but shouldn't Buddy Ryan come before him????)

4). Alex Gibbs

( If he's on there then Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel definately need to be)

Bugel and Gibbs revolutionized the game by pulling 300lb lineman and employing the pre-snap shifting formations. The many shifts you see today are spin offs of Joe Gibb's system

( Even Bill Walsh commented about Gibb's shifting techniques and how original it was)

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Joe Gibbs put together championship teams with players whom may have had mediocre careers if playing for other NFL teams. During his first stint in the National Football League, he coached the Redskins for 12 seasons and lead them to eight playoff appearances, four NFC Championship titles, and three Super Bowl titles.

As the offensive coordinator for San Diego, Gibbs spearheaded the highly successful "Air Coryell" offense. Using a sophisticated passing attack, the Chargers and quarterback Dan Fouts set multiple offensive records during Gibbs' two seasons there, notably becoming the first team to average more than 400 yards of offense per game.

Gibbs is credited with inventing the single back, double or triple tight end set. He used it to neutralize Lawrence Taylor, realizing that to successfully block him with a running back was impossible; an extra tight end and a tackle were required. By having an extra tight end, it also gave more protection for the quarterback. Gibbs was also credited in creating the Wide Receiver Bunch Formation; stacking three wide receivers to one side. Gibbs incorporated the shifting and motions for which his offenses were known, the formation also created a lot of mismatches and confusion among the defense that could be exploited. He is also one of the few coaches that utilizes the H-back position prominently in his offense.

Joe Gibbs has absolutely changed the game.

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