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Some age things ive noticed with JC, Portis

Joe Gibbs II

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This is based strictly on age. I have noticed something.

Sep 1, 1981

Dec 12, 1981

Dec 31, 1981

Apr 1, 1983

Going from top to bottom of birthdates

1st is Clinton portis (4 years exp) Miami

2nd is ronnie brown (1 year exp) Auburn

3rd is JC (1 year exp/ no playing time)Auburn

4th is Sean Taylor (2 years exp) Miami

I guess its something about the U that makes guys extra young and come out early because this seems incredible.

Portis is only 4 months older than jason and ronnie, yet has 3 more years experience over them. CP came out early but we seem very lucky to have a guy this young have this much experience in the NFL.

This is a little wierd since Jason is probably going to be 25-26 when he makes his first start, and will need about 2 years to reach his prime (27-28). By that time we will only have about 4-5 great years from him to make a run at a SB before age hits him.

I know it sounds completely ridiculous to be thinking about retirement and age for practically a rookie, but when you see guys his age with pro-bowl careers already (practically) it seems strange to see that guys their age are just starting off.

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Yeah, it's a small sample size. You could check into some other guys from Miami before drawing too many conclusions about the school and the age at which its players go pro. Let us know if there is anything interesting. Also, as others have alluded to, I guess the position has a big impact on the age at which a player can make a name for himself. Well, let's hope Campbell, Portis, and Taylor have long and successful careers in Washington, whatever their age.

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One thing that some people don't realize is that highschool players in places like Florida and Texas are allowed to play in pads and go full contact year around as opposed to up here in the the NE where we were only allowed to run in full pads at the end of August:( May not seem like much but it can make a difference when developing skills at an early age.


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