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Ours should be a landslide... we would wreck the Falcons. They got John Abraham, but we have Chris Samuels to neutralize him. That, plus Michael Vick is awful.

Since when is Micheal Vick awfull? He lead his team to the NFC Championship Game 2 Years ago and the only reason they sucked last year was becuase they were developing wide recievers and their defense was horrible. Now the wide recievers have experiance and went through their second time of off-season camps and they got John Abraham, Chris Crocker, Lawyer Milloy, and Jimmy Williams to play defense beside Patrick Kerney, Rod Coleman, and DeAngelo Hall.

Falcons are gonna do damage this year if they can sneak in the playoffs in that tough division. I still think we would win though. Are defense is good and coached by one of the best and our offense has to much weapons.

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Good find, I love it. We hear alot of Redskins fans ****ing about lack of respect in all those sports prediction magazines. Now, instead of individual sports writers, we get to see what the world thinks - the ultimate prognosticator.

For first round winners, I voted:





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I was just looking at the "depth chart board" and had a thought. How is this for a story book season.

Dallas and washington in the NFC playoff at Fed Ex field. Dallas is leading 14 to 10 in the 4th with less than 5 minutes to go. Brunell goes down with an injury, in comes JC who takes a broken play and scrambles to his right and chucks the ball down field to a wide open Moss. Who just left Roy Williams 5 yards behind eating turf. Touchdown!! On the next dallas drive TO catches a ball on the Skins 40 but ST knocks the snot out of him and AA recovers the fumble. End of game

Superbowl time and it's a rematch with Denver and number 17 at the helm for the skins again. Denver fans are shakin in their boots. JC goes on to have a record setting game as well as Portis and Moss. Just like last time. History has a way of repeating itself.

I know this may be a little far fetched, but how cool would that be??!!

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