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The Redskins belong in Washington DC


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Washington's Team Belongs in D.C.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baseball is back in Washington, and football may follow. Even though the Washington Redskins' stadium is not even 10 years old, D.C. officials plan to approach team owner Dan snyder this summer about building a new stadium in the city, according to the May 5 Washington Business Journal. Why would he consider this? There are two great reasons for him to bring the Washington Redskins home.

The first is that the land FedEx Field sits on is very valuable. It is 200 acres in Prince George's County next to the Capital Beltway and Metro. The site could fetch half a billion dollars on the market. It is ripe to be developed for homes. The stadium could be remodeled into a shopping mall, as the infrastructure is suited for the conversion. With great access, parking and plenty of space, this spot has the potential to become the Tysons Corner of Maryland. It is too valuable to be empty 355 days a year, as it is now.

The second is that the District offers Snyder the opportunity to build a customized stadium to replace the one he inherited when he bought the team. FedEx Field was hastily built and is one of the worst venues in the NFL because of its location, large size and poor sightlines.

Snyder has aspirations to host the Super Bowl, and to do that he needs a stadium with a roof. He could build that at the RFK Stadium site after the Washington Nationals move out in two years. With the proceeds from the sale of FedEx Field, he could finance the new stadium himself. The location at the end of Capitol Hill is close to the power center of Washington and is a better draw to host more special events.

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