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T.O. Wearing a Miami Jersey(Merged & Moved)


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TO wears a Shaq jersey at the NBA finals game tonight, Dallas is at home and the announcer told him he won't win over any fans with that jersey. He said thats alright I'll win them over when the season begins.....

It's already starting.


He is friends with Shaq, from Miami, and Jason Terry from Dallas. He stated before the series started He would wear the jersey of one team and the hat of the other when he attended the games.

But keep trying I am sure his choice of clothing at a basketball game is the beggining of the end lmao

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??? What do you mean?

As far as TO wearing a Heat jersey...that's too funny. I don't really care, but if he's trying to portray a good image of himself, that is the exact wrong way to do it! :laugh:

He means Pat Riley was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 11th round of the 1967 draft

Track Star Carl Lewis was drafted by the Cowboys in rd 12 of the 84 draft

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