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Mark, yeah I posted that a couple of days ago. It's laughable that that "NFL Insider" can't even get our record last season right. It goes to show you that reliable NFL information must come from good local sources as the national guys are spread too thin and are thus too focused on unfounded rumor, reputation, and innuendo to consistently deliver good facts. CNNSI however (although not so much Kirwin) is consistently the worst of the bunch as I see a much greater attention to fact versus fiction from ESPN, for example.

Again, Blade I'd like to get that anti-CNNSI icon for us.


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once again a national writer is overestimating the talent on last year's team. Even though everyone roundly criticizes Snyder for putting together an overrated and overhyped team, they still turn around and note how jettisoning those same players is now a mistake.

Who is to make logic of this?

Skip Hicks according to Kirwan was a "solid" backup to Davis. I have seen no evidence of that in the past 2 years.

He goes on to say that Kalu and Lang were the best set of backup ends in the NFL last season and Kalu's departure and Lang's move to tackle are to be counted as losses.

I don't remember Kalu being on the field for enough plays to warrant a description as being one of the top backup ends in the NFL.

As far as Lang goes, I remember him playing mostly at DT on passing downs, where he made most of his impact plays in 2000. How many snaps did he get at DE? Not many.

So, that comment is way off the mark.

Of course this article was written before Gardner and Smoot signed and their potential impact is completely ignored in this article. While other teams have promising young draft picks that are identified as being potential contributors, it seems our top 2 picks for some reason are among the only ones that will need an entire season to adjust to the NFL.

Funny how Damione Lewis and Santana Moss are identified as players that will change the fortunes of their teams. I don't remember reading before the draft that these particular players were "can't miss" prospects while Gardner was just a "potential future contributor".

The other thing Kirwan ignores is the fact that the team has done quite nicely in being able to sign line players that are versatile enough to play several positions and the depth on the team is actually greater than it appears.

As far as quarterback goes, yes Husak is inexperienced. But can Kirwan with a straight face tell us that Donovan McNabb's backup or Brett Favre's back or Peyton Manning's new backup are players that are going to keep their teams contending if they miss significant time?

Depth at qb is a problem around the NFL and outside of Tennessee and New Orleans I don't see that many teams that have two quarterbacks who could be considered starters that are ready to go.

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Notice how this article was updated and the line about the 2000 Redskins going 9-7 was deleted. I guess Kirwan got my e-mail about his poor fact checking. laugh.gif What a maroon!


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Blade I'd like to get that anti-CNNSI icon for us.

Redman, I worked on it last night somewhat... its a tough logo to make small enough for the 'anti-' look. And the last thing I want to do is waste bandwidth on anything cnnsi. But I'll come up with something sometime soon.

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