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Dilfer off the table


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Thank God.... I never wanted him in camp. Look guys, this isn't one of those things where you are pretty sure you are going to make it to the Big Dance and are just looking for some insurance. Bringing in Dilfer would probably have resulted in Husak being dumped. The last thing we want to do is throw out players who are in their developmental stages.

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I agree with T.C.O

Lets grow our own QB. Show those QB molding skills our former "expert" didn't.

One less distracting nuisance for the QBs to be stressed over.

Well there is Gus


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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Just what I suspected. Matt Hasselbeck, the QB Holmgren traded for from the Packers, hasn't exactly lit it up during training camp. http://seattlep-i.nwsource.com/football/33788_trent03.shtml Good for Dilfer. And good for the Redskins.


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Interesting . . . because Dilfer insisted upon a situation where he was at least competing for the starting job.

That's one more reason for me to admire Holmgren as a coach. Recall that this was to be the first season with his QB, so he (who's also the GM) traded for Hasselbeck who was supposed to lead Seattle for years to come. Now, less than ten days into Hasselbeck's first Seattle training camp, Holmgren has signed someone who will compete for the starting job. It just goes to show you that Holmgren's head and heart are in the right place, and that pride has nothing to do with his decision. It also goes to show you that his *** is on the line this year in Seattle to win, which is tough in a division with an improved San Diego team and Denver and Oakland who should be vying for the conference title.

And I agree with TCO. I'd like to see what our young guys can do.


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Seattle could finish dead last in the AFC West.

Alright, they will probably beat out the Chargers but there is little hope this team will make the playoffs with the Broncos and Raiders in their division.

Holmgren has made some questionable moves and doesn't seem to have a well-thought out plan of how to build his new team.

In Green Bay he and Wolf went about things the right way. They got the quarterback first in Favre and then started addressing the defensive line with Reggie White and Sean Jones.

In Seattle, Holmgren has made some mistakes and signed some very old player to contracts that may cause him problems down the line.

Reggie White at 32 still had four good years left in him. Jones was only 30 when he was acquired. Santana Dotson was 27.

In Seattle, Holmgren is adding Randle (33) and Kirkland (34), players that to me don't have that much time left in the NFL. Their play has already begun to decline and were afterthoughts on their old teams.

Hasselback is a question mark. He definitely doesn't have the upside that Favre had, he is a pocket passer and not a very good athlete. From what I have read the coaching staff has had to redo all his footwork in camp and he is reeling from all the changes.

Dilfer may end up being the starter here and that is good news for him.

But the Seahawks are a team mired in confusion and the best players on this team like Shawn Springs are holdovers from the previous regime.

I don't see where Holmgren has made a positive difference yet.

Shaun Alexander didn't play much in 2000 as a rookie and we will have to see what Koren Robinson has to offer at the NFL level.

These are the picks from the Galloway trade.

They were supposed to set the Seahawks up for the near future.

We will see.

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