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The Reskin bashing continues courtesy of everyone's favorite journalist...

Dirk Diggler

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Actually, that assessment isn't all that bad, although the comment about 'dubious' aquisitions was a cheap shot. Until the Redskins defense holds a team, ANY team to under TDs we'll see these types of articles.

The best way to shut these guys up is to actually play well.

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The article is fair, though I think Armstead is playing better than Patsy thinks.

I also found the comparison of the two Lewis DCs interesting. Both come from the Steeler "system" of the mid-1990s. Maybe it's no coincidence they are both being "solved" at the moment. How similar are their systems?

Also, it looks like the article was partly based on a Patsy conversation with Snyder: "Owner Dan Snyder on Friday politely rejected the assessment that he has "panicked" over his defense's performance."

Two interesting quotes:

When a team looks so thoroughly discombobulated, the typical reaction is to scale back, to simplify the scheme. But there is no hint of retrenching by the Washington staff, which includes top-flight position aides like secondary assistant George Catavolos and linebackers coach George Edwards. This is not the time, however, to allow pride to precipitate a slide.

Marvin Lewis contended this week that "LaVar has got to fix LaVar." And Arrington termed his performance as "solid" to this point. Both men might want to revisit those assessments. Even playing in space, his supposed forte, Arrington looks stiff right now and is missing too many tackles. And Lewis might think twice about the decision to try to turn Arrington into a rusher from a three-point stance. Coming at the quarterback with his hand on the ground, Arrington was completely stymied Monday night by Eagles right tackle Jon Runyan.

Let's face it, Arrington is not Peter Boulware, the strongside linebacker that Marvin Lewis had in his Baltimore Ravens tenure. Boulware played most of his college career, at Florida State, in a three-point stance. He is, essentially, a defensive end posing as a linebacker on first, and maybe second down. But he is also accomplished at rushing from the line of scrimmage, not from a standup position. Arrington isn't accustomed to playing in a three-point stance and he looks awkward. In that regard, it is incumbent on Marvin Lewis to make an alteration, not on Arrington.


Bet the house now that first-round quarterback Patrick Ramsey gets a start sometime around mid-season, and maybe even before that.... Ramsey got work, ESPN.com has learned, with the No. 1 offense this week. Tellingly, Wuerffel worked primarily with the "scout" team. While the depth chart still lists Wuerffel as the No. 2 quarterback, Ramsey has unofficially been elevated to that role.
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Originally posted by phillyphattymatt

That Lenny P sure knows what he is talking about.

Have you ever actually contributed anything of any intelligent value on this board? And I'm not talking about your snide, meritless attempts at smak. Because they are not even close.

Why do you, as a Fecal fan, find it necessary to spend so much time on this board? I think you're actually a closet Skins fan and just won't admit it.

I used to think Boys fans were the most ignorant fans in the world but I have to say they have dropped to second on the list.

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Originally posted by MRMADD

I love the part about how "ESPN.com has learned" that Ramsey is getting time in practice this week. Yeah, everyone learned it -- Spurrier's been saying it all week.

Nice scoop, morons.

I think the distinction in the ESPN report was to emphasize that Wuerffel was primarily running the scout team.

Earlier reports about Ramsey indicated he would get "some" time in Spurrier's offense, which he hadn't been getting. ESPN is emphasizing this isn't a dip of the toe -- Ramsey is now the practice #2 QB, though probably not the game #2 QB against the 49ers.

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