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Redskins TV Issues?


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Just wondering, but has anyone else had problems with Redskins TV? Even if I hit the play button, whether using Internet Explorer or Firefox, I get zilch, nothing, nada. Just the picture. Figured if there were a place to ask, it'd be here. I got nothing when I submitted a question to the webmaster.




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Are you running the most current version of Flash Player?

Are you behind a firewall?

Have you tried running a Spyware removal program such as Ad-Aware or SpyBot?

Have you always had this problem, or is this something new?

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Always had the problem. Now that you mention it, could be the firewall thing here at my work. But it doesn't seem to work at home either where I don't have a firewall.

Anyway, probably the firewall thing here at work. Maybe I should get the corporate message and get back to work..... :rolleyes:

Just curious to see if anyone else has run up against this issue.



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