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The best #3 offensive tackles left to sign in free agency are.....

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I dont know about you guys, but with the retirement of Ray Brown, I think the Redskins also need to sign a free agent 3rd offensive tackle. At least as a backup tackle. I dont like the idea of going with a rookie tackle as our primary backup and Jim Molinaro has played in very few regular season games. And as I recall last summer in an exhibition game against the Ravens, DT Jarret Johnson had him for lunch. And Johnson is not exactly a household name in NFL circles. :laugh:

If Chris Samuels or John Jansen goes down with an injury for any length of time, we could be in a world of hurt.

So here are the best offensive tackles still available in free agency.

Because I prefer a younger guy who preferably can play multiple positions for a number of years, I would go for Matt Stinchcomb. He may not be the best tackle out there -- which at least would make him cheaper -- but he is not an old geezer and can play both the guard and tackle positions.

What do you guys think?

Matt Stinchcomb - 29


Others still available:

Brad Hopkins - 36

Damion McIntosh - 29

Ephram Salaam - 30

Jacob Rogers - 25 - is he still injured? microfracture surgery

Mike Pearson - 26

Orlando Brown - 36

Scott Gragg - 34

Stockar McDougle 29

Todd Steussie - 36

Tuten Reyes - 29

Victor Riley - 32

Anthony Clement - 30

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didnt we just sign a couple guys that are a reliable backup anywhere on the offensive line?

We signed them but I don't know how reliable they are. That and they are G/C more than OT. Anyone who couldn't start on Houston's line doesn't even belong on our practice squad.

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didnt we just sign a couple guys that are a reliable backup anywhere on the offensive line?

Yes we did. The only lineman i would want for vet minimum is Orlando Browns old arse, and thats just casue he's 360lbs and would create a huge hole. We are fine at lineman, draft another one if we need one that bad. I want just one more hard working, overachieving corner that we wouldnt have to pay much.

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Yes Pucillo is C/G, Walter is a G/T (but probably best suited to G). I am not at all comfortable with the current T situation.

That said, there are some pretty good names on that list. Many seem to be on the downside of their careers, but still should be able to provide a solid year or two of back-up duty. Fortunately, Samuals and Jansen have been fairly solid as far as injuries go.

My guess is the team will wait until after the draft, where they will pick a couple of prospects, then add a vet or two to compete for one or two roster spots. But I'm sure if there is somebody they like at reasonable price, they would sign him.

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