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Tool (New Album)


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I also saw the the name of the album was 10,000 year(s).

Shoutweb lists the release date as 5/2.

http://loudside.com/discography/?albumID=1694 Track Listing

I would not be surprised in the least if tomorrow they announced a different (real) album title, tracklisting, and artwork as sort of a reverse April Fool's joke. Just a hunch.

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Queens of Stone Age front man Josh Homme collaborated on the album, so as a big fan of them, that is enough for me to check it out.

My complaint with Tool is that their stuff is a little dry for my taste, maybe it'll be different this go 'round. They are all excellent musicians so it's definitely worth it for any rock fan to listen to it.

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Thank goodness...

Although, I really like Kyuss...


Check out their first album and don't think of them for just "No One Knows" (too many people do)... you might change your mind, especially if you like Kyuss. I personally like Kyuss better, too.

Since you like Kyuss, have you ever heard of Dead Meadow? They're a very similar band, I think they are DC guys, too.

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That's actually false. Blair confirmed this a cpl months ago in one of the newsletters.

My mistake... I saw a few pics of Josh in the studio with them and people on the QOTSA board were saying he was collaborating, but I see the thread on it being false now..

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