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skins helmet?


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When it says "authentic", do they mean team-issued quality authentic? Or some other kind of authentic? The words "For display purposes only; not for game play" makes me suspect it's not really authentic. Also, the logo looks ****eyed to me.
No its the real thing, just like the pros use
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I won an Authentic Pro Line Riddell Redskins Helmet from NFL.com's salary cap league last year...as well as the 2005 yearbook and a hat...as an eagles fan...I'm looking to get these items out of my house as soon as humanly possible....I was about to post the items on ebay..but figured i'd give the people here a quick shot first...I received the items directly from the redskins and they are in mint condition...I'll take 185 plus you pay shipping....first come first serve.

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