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OT: Random college football thoughts


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The traditional powers are back, while some are fading. ND and PSU will retain their customary spots in the top 15, while Nebraska slips further and further.

Maurice Clarett, the OSU freshman RB, is sensational. I can see him becoming a star in the NFL.

I'm glad to see that Syracuse managed to beat 1-AA Rhode Island. :rolleyes:

Either South Carolina and Georgia both have extraordinary defenses or horrible offenses.

No matter how much hype the PAC-10 gets, the Big 10 will always be better.

If Colorado was in the Rose Bowl last year, I'd have to believe that they'd get pounded even worse than Nebraska did.

Thank God BYU lost early in the season so we won't have to listen to them b!tching about the BCS.

Florida beat Ohio 34-6...who thinks it would've been a lot worse had the HBC been there? :)

Maryland's magical season last year was a complete fluke.

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Grossman clearly isn't the QB he was last year. The numbers aren't even close and they've played 2 creampuffs in 3 games (UAB and Ohio U). He's completed 51.9% of his passes at 7.16/attempt with 3 TDs and 4 ints. Last year he completed 65.6% at 9.9/attempt with a 34/12 TD/Int ratio.

I think Ga and So Carolina both have decent defenses, bad offenses, and they played in lousy weather.

Louisville was so overrated going into the season it isn't even funny.

The Penn State game was shocking. An upset would be one thing, but that was a thrashing.

Other than PSU and OSU the Big 10 stinks.

Miami is the team to beat, but Oklahoma might be able to do it.

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I thought the PSU QB, Zach Mills, showed the quick release and coolness under pressure that makes for a good NFL QB. Nebraska's D wasn't that bad, Mills was that good.

Florida is going to get manhandled by Tennessee in Neyland Stadium next week.

The next power in the SEC will be Arkansas. Houston Nutt (too bad about his name) is a heckuva coach.

Florida State ain't that good. Maryland is that bad.

Texas has loads of talent. But they aren't going to be playing for a national title.

Right now, Miami and Va Tech look like serious contenders.

Willingham's already exceeded my expectations for ND.

My Northern Illinois Huskies almost knocked off Wisconsin. They sacked Bollinger 10 times. I love it when MAC teams whip Big Ten teams.

Iowa State will make a mid-level bowl this year.

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What is with Kentucky and Cal? Both teams are perennial losers but off to good starts. They probably wont keep it up once they start their conference games though.

Its also nice to see Notre Dame off to a good start so that the Tyrone Willingham hasnt, yet, had to endure the calls for his dismissal. Hopefully his success will lead to more black coaches getting head coaching jobs.

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UGA and South Carolina both have pretty good Defenses, and UGA's offense is pretty good as well. For whatever reason, they just haven't showed up yet. Its the same unit as last season, plus a few players and minus Randy McMichael.

Florida's new offense is HORRIBLE, and complicated. The OC should simplify his playbook and let Floridas' superior talent take over. He's holding them back.

Texas is pretty damn Scary. If Simms can NOT choke, that is.

VT might just be unstoppable. They have two RBs that would be top 5 picks if the draft were held tommorrow.

Lorenzen (KY QB) is big. And slow. Big arm, but i swear it takes him 3 years to complete his throwing motion.

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Wow, lots of love for my Hokies. Pretty cool, but I gotta admit I'm a bit surprised.

I've watched all 3 games so far, and what I see is a legit Top 15 squad, but not a serious MNC contender. We can run the ball with the best of them, yes, but we can't pass a lick. B. Randall is a poor man's Kordell Stewart; a good athlete who can make plays with his feet and occasionally throwing on the run, but NO pocket presence and a scattershot arm. Defenses like Texas A&M and Miami are going to stack the line with meat and force us to throw. I certainly would, and I don't even know anything about football.

Which means ... Tech goes back to Grant Noel at some point after falling behind in a game early. Noel's a very earnest and competitive gentleman who, unfortunately, is NOT capable of beating someone like Miami in Miami. Sorry Grant, you're a good kid, but ...

Defensively, Tech is scary fast, and relentless. BUt they're also small. Can't help but envision Miami rushing straight at us ... alot. And I also saw Byron Leftwich standing around in the pocket for eons as we tried rushing only 4, and getting no pressure at all. And that was Marshall's OL ... not Miami's. I look for big OL's to give us heap big trouble.

Don't get me wrong, I'm tickled as hell at the early success and the props the club is getting ... but unless I know less about football than even I think, this just isn't the year.

Next year we get BC, Syracuse and Miami at home. And either Randall will have earned the job outright, or Baby Vick will be playing. Suggs will be gone, but KJ will be back for one more. And a very young team across the board will have another season under their belts.

Next year. :)

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Sadly, I have to agree with Om.

I'm very diappointed in Randall so far. he ws a hot shot freshman recruit last year and I knew he was physically gifted. I had hoped he would learn how to throw the forward pass......

And I also agree about Noel. But I think you could also throw in Tech's recievers as being average.

Miami's offense will wear down Tech's defense probably. If Tech can make it that far undefeated. They've got another good one I think this weekend to go against.

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The Gator's offense is certainly not working well. Rex has the responsibility of calling the plays now vs. running what the Ol' Ball Coach would give him - the difference is night and day. Granted the weather was bad, but teams like Ohio are teams we usually hang 60 on, not 33.

All I can say is that Grossman isn't going to win the Heisman and you might see him slide to the second round. All that joking about him being drafted by SOS may actually come true. He could be available when we draft 32nd.

As stated before - the Gator's days of dominence are officially over. I'm actually afraid to play Tennessee and I haven't said that in over 10 years. If they played that bad at home against Miami, I'm afraid what may happen on the road against Tennessee. If Zook can win that game, he'll quiet a lot of the critics. If we lose (and lose big), he better order some fireproof underwear, because the fans and alums are going to turn up the heat.

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