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Larry Allen signs with San Francisco

Fifty Gut

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You wanted him in Seattle to replace Hutch didnt you?

I wouldve too.

Me personally? Yes indeedy. As it is, our whole line is going to go through a shuffle. The only thing for sure is that Walter Jones will be LT, and either Tobeck or Spencer will be C. Everything else is undecided right now, and that makes me nervous.
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Players loyalties are decided by ... wait for it, wait for it, .... MONEY!

That's it, that's the list.

I think you're overlooking something.

Famous stupid-player tricks include:

Franco Harris refusing a very generous offer from the Steelers at the end of his carreer, and him turning it down because he thought he was worth more... and then ended up in Seattle after Curt Warner blew out an ACL, making far less money than he would have as a Steeler.

Hutch knowingly signing the Vikings contract with the poison-pill clause intended to make it virtually impossible to match the offer, and ends up going to Minnesota where his $49M will shrink due to Minnesota state income tax (Washington doesn't have an income tax).

I'm sure you can think of others. And I'm sure Emmit made less as a Cardinal than he would have if he'd stayed a Cowboy and just renegotiated his ocntract.

So in addition to money, I think you have to mix in pride and stupidity in varying proportions.

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