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CNN.com Death could await Christian convert


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You've all heard that the nation liberated by the western world has a man on trial facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity. It took a while but finally people are starting to say something about it....

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga wrote a letter to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, urging him to withdraw Italian troops from Afghanistan unless Kabul guarantees Rahman's safety, Reuters reported.

"It is not acceptable that our soldiers should put themselves at risk or even sacrifice their lives for a fundamentalist, illiberal regime," Cossiga wrote.

Rep. Tom Lantos, the ranking Democrat on the House International Relations Committee, wrote a letter to Karzai asking him to intervene and uphold "core democratic principles and fundamental human rights."

"In a country where soldiers from all faiths, including Christianity, are dying in defense of your government, I find it outrageous that Mr. Rahman is being prosecuted and facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity," Lantos wrote.

One German official promised to intervene if necessary. Another, Development Minister Heide Wieczorek-Zeul, said, "We will do everything possible to save the life of Abdul Rahman," according to Reuters.

I've been waiting for news on this and I'm a little surprised the response hasn't been stronger.

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I hear that the Kabul government is trying to find a way out of this. They are suggesting that the guy is crazy, so he doesn't have to stand trial at all. That way, they don't get in trouble with the West for killing him, and they don't get in trouble with their own Muslim fundamentalists for not enforcing sharia laws on the books.

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