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Cowboys sign LB Rocky Boiman


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They say he might start, if not he would get quite a bit of playing time as the top backukp LB. He has never had more than 36 tackles in his 4 seasons. Quite a star.

In the article it says his best year was 2003 in which he had 55 tackles. However NFL.com only credits him with 45 that season. :whoknows:

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First of all I'm a hater, 2nd of all the lowly Titans wouldn't let a 4th year LB leave if he was any good, and he would have gotten playing time if he were that good because I'm not sure the Titans LB core was exactly feared outside of Keith Bullock.

Let it also be known that he might be better than Chris Clemons or Robert McCune or whoever else we have on the roster to play OLB.

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