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Similar situation - TO and Ramsey


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The Eagles held out as long as they could trying to engineer a trade for TO, but it never happened because everyone knew they would release him anyway, so why whould they give up anything for him?

Teams know Ramsey is worth waaay more than a 7th round pick, but like with TO, they know they can just negotiate after the Redskins release him and not have to give up anything for him.

Anyone who wants to sign him (even if they get him in a trade) will have to negotiate a new contract will him and his agent, so why should they give up anything for him?

Yeah, its depressing, but in reality a 7th round pick right now is actually rather generous. Its sad, but its just NFL reality. I, for one, am glad Gibbs is showing that he doesn't play games with his players, so while its unfortunate I really don't think its the worst that could happen. Its just another sign that the 'Skins are headed in the right direction. :2cents:

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The difference between Ramsey and TO is that TO was due 5.5 million, which is why he was released. The Skins could just as easily hold on to Ramsey and trade him to a team during the season when their QB goes down. I still think that the Skins will get a round 4 or 5 for Ramsey. There is still a month before the draft.

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