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(Consolidation, Compensation) Draft Picks

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I could remember the exact term for the the type of draft pick i'm talking about, so my searching for this topic kind of sucked. I'm sorry if this has been covered!

Anyways with all of this talk about our splash in FA, I'm leaning towards believing GW wants to fill our defensive holes with young drafted players. Does anyone know if the redskins will recieve any compensation draft picks for losing smoot and pierce? That would be amazing to helping us build some defensive depth!

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I don't think we only need depth on defense. One of the things that really hurt us this year was Cory Ramer playing when Thomas got hurt. And with Ray Brown retiring, we need to make sure we have a capable set of backups ready to fill in.

I've been saying it in other threads, but I think the draft is going to be used on players for depth and development. Maybe we can find a Chris Cooley or a Fred Smoot type player (first day steals), but otherwise we're going to have a lot of 6th rounders who are fighting for playing time.

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