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Marty on Coach Thompson (WTEM)


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As you might expect, mostly vanilla stuff ... but here's the highlights, down and dirty:

Per Marty,

- the turnaround is mostly attributable to the how the players feel about each other and what they are doing.

- Conway's 48-yarder was "key" to Sunday's game. Gave the team the feeling that "hey we're only down a TD to these guys, let's go see what we can get done." Or something like that. smile.gif

- guys are more "sure" about what they are doing, as well as what their teammate next to them is doing. They have developed "trust" that the guy next to them knows what he's doing, thus eliminating "anxiety" and letting each player concentrate on his own play. Made sense when HE said it.

- when losing Shawn Barber, thought the LB corps and defense would be seriously hurt. Pleasantly surprised, and very pleased with LaVar, then went on to mention the whole crew, including Mason & Pierce.

- the "change" in the offensive philosophy question, he brushed off. No, we didn't change what we were doing, just started executing what we WERE doing better, thus freeing us up to do some other things. (Hey, I know a lot of you don't buy it, but there it is.)

- How good are we? When we do what we are capable of, we can compete with anybody. It's all been a process that takes time. It's an evolution. Stressed his biggest concern: fumbles. "It'll catch up to you."

- How hard has it been to persevere through the early criticism? Not at all, and he stressed that he wasn't trying to be cavalier about it. He believed in what he/the team was doing, and stuck with it.

- Most fun so far? Seeing the team "come together" (hey, that's always been among MY favorite things). smile.gif Also mentioned: seeing Terrell step up, and his overall improvement. Kennard Lang's emergence. Big Daddy's "fire" and excitement on Sunday. Singled out the OL for the "tremendous job" they've done.

- On the Eagles: talented as hell. Very disciplined D. Won't beat themselves on that side of the ball, so we'll have to earn everything we get. Interesting to note that Marty hasn't really looked at the offensive side yet.

- "Must win?" Hates to ever say that. Makes case that if you DO say that, and lose, then what the hell are you supposed to say the next week." Good point.

That's it. Gotta run home. No time for analysis or commentary, but I'm sure you guys'll take care of that. smile.gif

Discuss amongst yourselves ...

[edited.gif by Om on November 20, 2001.]

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