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Food for thought on the draft


Who is the #2 WR  

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  1. 1. Who is the #2 WR

    • Randle El
    • Lloyd
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We have needs and we have put our money into WR's which I am thrilled about, but we may want to think about trading down in the 2nd round to recoup our 3rd that we gave up for LLoyld. We need a DE, LB and CB and DT wouldn't hurt. My :2cents:

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Hopefully we will get a decent pick from Ramsey also...

And Kevin, receiving TDs arent everything. He also had at least 2 return TDs and obviously at least one through the air. He can also move the ball down the field. His role just isnt as the red zone threat.

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OK but seriously, when will the first "We could've had Mike Williams" post come?

What? As long as we're just posting whatever comes to our mind. :whoknows:

I dont think you watch the playoffs when he was throwing passes and made the bengals d look like the 49ers'. He adds another threat somthing we lacked in the playoffs my friend.

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