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After the past season, which really didn't turn for us until late in the season, and making the playoffs by the skin of our teeth, the loyal Redskin faithful had become the but of the NFL, and a punching bag for most sport writers to malign.

Even getting into the playoffs, didn't seem to change the minds of the hard core writers who felt we got in because we were the best of the worst.

What was going on was a transformation from a team who thought they could buy big name players who were in the twilight of their careers, to build a superbowl team with money, to a team with a proven HOF coach, who was not going to cave in to the popular demand, and push forward with his game plan an know how.

With some good luck, and a CBA agreement, this team is now gowing forward with the Gibbs blueprint of building a "team", not a highlight reel for espn. The transformation is going to cause a buzz in the league, and a lot of controversy I am sure with the open check book policy of Snyder regarding coaching staff etc.

This team is back, regardless of the criticizism, and you better put your best team on the field if you want to beat us. I call it envy, some jealousy, some cheating, I don't care. The owner of this team has loved the Redskins long before he was wealthy enough to buy the team. He will invest every dime legal to put the best team on the field. If your owner doesn't, then join us.

It has taken some time to be good enough to deserve some respect, and now I don't think I would have wanted it any other way. It takes being in the deepest valley, before you can appreciate being on the highest mountain top. I honestly feel this team is the one to get us there.

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